A New Theme

Announcing WordPress For Writers, a theme centered around writing and beautiful article presentation.

With advanced layout options, gorgeous large article images, citation support, article series, and author images, all wrapped up in a fully responsive design, WordPress For Writers takes care of making your site look beautiful and allows you to do what you do best: write.

Extended Article Options

Citation, layout, gallery, button, and audio shortcodes have been added as buttons to the post editor. This allows for easy citation links (each linked to a source in a footnotes section) and beautiful, unique articles. Also included are layout options for aligning featured images and showing or hiding the main article title. Finally, a new way to categorize articles: article series. You can read more about article series below. (Example of Citation Support)

Article Series

Article series are an additional way to categorize posts. If you have a set of tutorials for creating a WordPress theme or creating a photoshop file from start to finish, you could create a series for each set of articles, giving them each their own page for a complete list of tutorials, and letting users know that there are other articles they can read related to the current tutorial.

Why not just create a category and place all of these articles in there? It’s best to think about categorization as general to specific. Tags would be the most general, followed by categories, and finally article series. An article might have 20 tags and be a part of 4 categories, but would only be a part of one series. So instead of showing four categories at the end of an article and hoping readers notice the “WordPress Theme Development Series” category, you can say there is a series of articles that are best read together. Article series links are automatically shown at the bottom of relevant articles.

Additional Features


An additional field has been added to each author’s settings page: a profile image field. Add an image for each author to make their bio’s more personal.

Article Traversing

Next and previous buttons are present on every article allowing for lazy article discovery. Also included is a tweet button for sharing articles you can’t tear your eyes away from.

Simple Comments

Simple, beautiful comments can be found underneath every article (unless of course, you turn them off). WordPress for Writers does away with complex sub commenting for replying, giving readers a nice, easy to read timeline of comments. The reply box is also set at the top to encourage commenting right away!


Two custom page templates are included with the theme: Home and Archives. Both include separate widgetized areas for showcasing authors, article series, categories, tags, menus,  comments, and more!


Article series, authors, and a twitter widget are included with the theme.

Layout and Citations

Layout, gallery, audio, and citation shortcodes are included with the theme (look at the Extended Article Options section for a citation link example). The actual shortcodes are:

[citation id="name1"]Your citation[/citation]

[citation_source id="name1"]Citation source[/citation_source]

[layout width="some-value"]Some text[/layout]

[image_gallery]uploaded images[/image_gallery]

[audio mp3="link-to-mp3" oga="link-to-oga"]Title[/audio]


Layout Shortcode

You can set percentage and pixel width values for the layout shortcode (although percentage is recommended).

You can set percentage and pixel width values for the layout shortcode (although percentage is recommended).

Gallery Shortcode

Citations connect to their source allowing readers to jump down the page to the source

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    This is a very beautiful theme! Finally, someone made a theme for writers…

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    I’m really glad you like it Lauren!

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    This is a fantastic theme.

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    This is beautiful. Believe it or not this would also be a great site for a designers portfolio. A lot of room to describe the project and allows for big images. Very nice.